Hugh Dancy reveals what it’s really like to attend the Met Gala

Michelle’s The Path co-star Hugh Dancy and wife Claire Danes may not have been in the right place or time for that particular snapshot, but the couple didn’t miss the chance to don their finest couture for the splashy event. In fact, Claire, who sported a light-up ball gown last year, was very excited to rock her Monse-designed outfit for this particular reason.

“She was so stoked to be wearing pants that she had failed to mention the enormous white shirt that hanged on the floor. So I was a little surprised by the information that she hadn’t shared, but I thought it was awesome,” Hugh shared. “I probably have uttered those words [‘we have to be in the car now’] at some point, but no it’s easy and it’s fun particularly that event cause it’s so extreme and the clothes often are so amazing.”

So, did Hugh have any good gossip for us about what went down when the photogs weren’t snapping?

“The craziest thing is just all of these people, every single one of which you almost you recognize just hanging out and probably all feeling as mildly uncomfortable as I do,” he said. “It’s incredible in that setting.”


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