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Hugh was interviewed about The Path season 3, Claire Danes and Hannibal:

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New pics and videos of Hugh at the Symphony Space in New York.  Hugh celebrated Agatha Christie with a reading of her short story “Accident”, from 1929. Check out the videos and pics:

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GALLERY LINK: Public Appearances > 2017 > December 6th – Hugh At The Selected Shorts Series

Videos: Download full reading HERE, thanks to @solamentenic


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Hugh was interviewed by Stephen Colbert last night. He talked about Great Britain, a little bit about Claire and parenthood, and just a mention about The Path. The interview was really nice!


Screen Captures > Interviews > 2017 > The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Here is a video of Hugh at last year SCAD aTVfest. Enjoy!

GALLERY LINK: Screen Captures > Interviews > 2016 > SCAD aTVfest 2016 – The Path

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Finally we are able to see a sneak peak of Mr. Dancy at the Fifth Shades Darker set. You can see the back of his head (yes, that’s what you read) on minute 0:40. We are still trying to understand why they cut him off the movie.

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