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The film “Adam” starring Hugh Dancy will be shown at the Solomon Browne Hall on Sunday 4th June at 7.00 p.m. Hugh Dancy will be at the Solomon Browne Hall on Monday 5th June at 10.30 in the morning to answer any questions about the film and his career.

For more check their Facebook page.


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Two Hours in Somone Else’s Shoes
Moderated by Nate Kohn, Director, Roger Ebert’s Film Festival
Panelists: Tanya Wexler, Hugh Dancy, Michael Phillips, Michael Hausman, Michael Butler, Charles Burnett, Sheila O’Malley, Richard Neupert

Q&A session following the screening of the film Hysteria at Ebertfest 2017:

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Hugh Dancy will attend the Roger Ebert’s Film Festival on April 20th, 2017. From what we understood, he will be there to talk about the 2011 film “Hysteria”. Hopefully we will get loads of new videos and pictures. Fingers crossed! More details on here.

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Finally we are able to see a sneak peak of Mr. Dancy at the Fifth Shades Darker set. You can see the back of his head (yes, that’s what you read) on minute 0:40. We are still trying to understand why they cut him off the movie.

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Hello, we are a brand new site about the amazing british actor Hugh Dancy! We are under construction and we are currently adding the pictures to the gallery!

Welcome everyone!

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